It is widely accepted that effective immune responses can remove cancerous cells produced by animals through-out life. Tumour cells can become established and spread only by evading the immune system or if the immune system response is defective in some way. As animals age they typically have weaker immune responses and this gives more opportunities for cancerous cells to take hold. Once established they can release factors that inhibit effective immune responses to the tumour cells.

IminoHoney is the result of an amazing series of serendipitous events and vastly expensive and advanced R&D discoveries starting from contact with Dr Nash by Mrs Elizabeth Langford in 2002 who had been prescribed a herbal preparation in Western Samoa ‘to make her well’ after diagnosis with breast cancer. The preparation yielded a new natural iminosugar we called casuarine that we found boosted the immune response both in cell cultures, animals and humans. The compound is extremely rare but by chance we found it also occurred in a Mediterranean plant (Myrtus communis) cultivated in West Wales (curiously in the Mediterranean the species does not produce casuarine). The compound is highly effective. To cut a long story short we were able to find a specific type of honey rich in this molecule and now offer this in single portion 5ml sachets as a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. It can added to food once every 3 days. We would not recommend it for animals with diabetes.

The compound itself has not shown any signs of toxicity in a wide range of laboratory tests and we will continue research to take it or variants forward as potential new pharmaceuticals.

Honey is well-known in traditional medicine for wound healing as bacteria cannot grow in such high sugar concentrations but typically honey only works when applied to the wound. IminoHoney is unique in having an iminosugar compound that is measurable in the product and distinguishes our product from other honeys such as Manuka.

IminoHoney is now available as single portion 5ml sachets in boxes of 10. It is packaged to human food health standards. The sachets contents are put on pet food once every three days. The first three sachets may be given on consecutive days (one each day) but we suggest caution with animals with diabetes.

RRP IminoHoney Pack of 10 sachets £59.99. Contact us for further retail information.